International Schools

Our school is part of the Norwich/Dedza partnership which makes links between schools in Norfolk and schools in Dedza, Malawi.

Alburgh with Denton has a partnership with the Ngoni LEA Primary School which has proved both very interesting and very beneficial to our children.

  • We have written letters to Ngoni, telling them about Alburgh and asking questions about life in Africa
  • We have sent resources, such as textbooks and pencils
  • We have sent and recieved photos and videos of everyday life at our schools
  • Our children have attended the Norfolk/Dedza conference where we met some of the teachers from our link school and learnt a great deal about the language and culture of Malawi

We also have links with Algeciras Primary School in Spain.

We were very pleased to be awarded the International Schools Intermediate Award for our work in this area.