Alburgh with Denton C of E Primary Academy is part of the Diocese of Norwich St Benet’s Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).The MAT has a tiered management and governance structure, with the Board of Trustees of the St Benet's Trust overseeing the strategic direction of each of its academies. St Benet's Trust is committed to engagement with local school communities and ensures each academy has a Local Governance Committee (LGC) working to a Scheme of Delegation (Scheme of Delegation)

Who we are?

Our Local Governing Body consists of 6 Trust Appointed Governors, 2 Parent Governors, 1 Staff Governor and the Headteacher. Staff Governors are appointed by staff election and Parent Governors by parent election. All the Governors on the LGC are volunteers who are committed to ensuring that the school provides the best education possible for the pupils in line with the agreed aims. The LGC meets at least six times a year. 

 What we do:

Our main responsibilities are

  • Ensuring clarity of the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the Academy
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the Academy and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the Academy and making sure its money is well spent

The Governors work very hard to support all areas of the life of the school. We contribute to the strategic leadership of the academy by working closely with the Headteacher. We have a wide-ranging brief which includes scrutinising the amount of progress that groups of pupils make each term and monitoring how well the Academy’s Improvement & Development Plan is progressing. Good standards are not just about academic work; the governors also look at the things the academy offers to develop the whole child, including things like the breakfast club, extra-curricular activities, sport and, of course, the school’s vision and Christian values. 


The Governing Body




I am delighted to be the Chair of such a dedicated group of governors. I have always had a passion for education, believing it to be vital in inspiring young people to unlock their true potential. Having taught History in secondary schools for over 14 years, several of which as Head of Year, I have witnessed the transformative impact that excellent teaching and pastoral care can have. Whilst living in Surrey I took on the role of Chair of the local pre-school and when we returned to the Norfolk family home in 2017 I was keen to get involved in the village community. Both my children, Abigail and Oliver, attend the school and I became a Parent Governor in 2018. I truly believe that our school is a special and welcoming place, where both children and adults can flourish in all aspects of their development. I am more than happy to chat with parents/carers either about my role as a Governor, or any queries that you may have about the school. You can either see me at drop off/pick up, or email me on -


Hello! I'm Adam Lascelles, thrilled to serve as a governor. With a tech and operations background, I value quality education for shaping young minds. As a parent of three children attending or soon to be attending the school, I was keen to support our school's development. My focus is on creating a nurturing, inclusive environment for academic, social, and emotional growth. I aim to enhance the overall educational experience by supporting innovative teaching, extracurricular activities, and effective communication. In addition to my role as governor I like to keep active and play hockey at a local club as well as helping raise money for local causes through Harleston Roundtable.


Hello, my name is Sophie Hicks. I have worked at this wonderful school since September 2020. I am the school Deputy Headteacher, KS1 teacher and staff governor, these different roles keep me very busy. I have been a teacher for over 15 years and feel very fortunate that I get to work at such a nurturing and supportive school. I am passionate about providing our children with the best possible education so that each individual flourishes in all areas of their development. I hope that I can offer the governing body a real insight to what life is like at our school and work with them to continue to ensure that we offer our pupils a rich and inspiring curriculum.


I moved to Norfolk from the West Midlands in 2009, after many happy holidays in the county. I have lived in Alburgh since 2013 and am delighted to be a Governor at our local school. After 30+ years in special education, retirement has enabled me to get more involved in village life and community activities. As well as my Governor role, I am also a Trustee at Alburgh Village Hall and a volunteer Befriender and Trustee at Harleston Information Plus. I enjoy reading, birdwatching, walking and listening to music and continue to support Coventry City from afar.


Hi - I'm Ben and I'm the owner and Winemaker at Flint Vineyard in Earsham. I have two girls at Alburgh with Denton and have always loved the nurturing feel of the school. I wanted to help as a governor primarily to support the school but also to offer any business experience that might lighten the load of the incredibly busy and hard working teachers. I feel lucky that my children are part of such a special school and look forward to contributing however I can to maintain this.


I am honoured to assume the role of Parent Governor, and I extend my warmest greetings to each member of the Alburgh with Denton CE Primary Academy family. My name is Chantelle Davis, and I bring a diverse background with professional experience in law, adding a legal dimension to my commitment to educational excellence. My legal background equips me with a meticulous approach to governance and a keen understanding of regulatory frameworks. As a parent deeply invested in the success of our students, I am dedicated to fostering an environment that not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of educational quality. 
I am eager to collaborate with parents, esteemed educators, and students to further enhance Alburgh with Denton CE Primary Academy standing as a beacon of educational achievement. Together, let us navigate the complexities of school governance, ensuring sound decisions that align with both legal requirements and the best interests of our community. 
In addition to contributing legal insights, I am committed to open communication and active engagement. I am always happy for people to approach me during drop off or pick up should they wish to talk to me about any concerns they have regarding the school, or what we do as Governors.
I look forward to the collective journey of advancing Alburgh with Denton CE Primary Academy’s mission, and I am honoured to serve as a Parent Governor of its continued success.


Hello, My name is the Rev’d Chris Hutton and I am the Rector for the Earsham Benefice which means I look after the churches in the villages east of Harleston including Alburgh, Denton and Earsham. I have two children at the High School in Harleston and one in Earsham Primary School. I enjoy taking an active role in the local schools including as part of the Collective Worship rota in 6 local schools which include Alburgh with Denton school. Having grown up in Norfolk, I spent several years away before returning in 2013 to become Rector of the Earsham Benefice where I feel incredibly at home.